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The National's Violet Streak

Brooklyn's Star Band in Prospect Park Ahead of New Album High Violet, The National’s fifth and latest album, represents the band at the height of its powers, confidently evolving the arresting, quasi-orchestral sound that made 2007’s Boxer such a critical success. The lead single “Bloodbuzz Ohio” is a case in point, masterfully combining pounding, near-tribal drumbeats with shimmering polyrhythmic guitar patterns, plaintive keyboard melodies and, most distinctively, the ever-lugubrious baritone of singer Matt Berninger. In contrast to that grand sweep, today’s exclusive video, shot by photographer Susanna Howe (The New York Times, New York Magazine), depicts the Brooklyn-based band chilling out in Prospect Park just before kicking off their current tour last week. The accompanying track, “Sorrow,” carries the shades of darkness characteristic of The National, but bassist and keyboardist Aaron Dessner maintains it is an honest, lighthearted portrait. “We’re just goofing arou

Wayne Shorter

Non compongo i miei brani per venderli. Sono soddisfatto se una o due persone, sentendo per caso il mio brano, possono arrivare a percepire qualcosa del senso della vita.

Benny Carter

Sax alto, polistrumentista (New York, 1907 – Los Angeles, 2003); al secolo Bennett Lester Carter. Uno dei più completi e poliedrici talenti del jazz: eccellente trombettista e clarinettista, efficiente anche al pianoforte e al sax tenore, altoista impareggiabile, uomo di penna abile e di fertile immaginazione; solo le sue rare sortite in veste di cantante costituiscono un aspetto trascurabile della sua produzione. Discografia e Wikipedia

Pink Floyd - Meddle


Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire

Tony Palmer's 1972 Documentary On Rock's Foremost Poet Finally Sees the Light of Day Thirty-eight years after it was completed, a 1972 documentary following Leonard Cohen—the enormously influential poet, folk musician and, since 2008, member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—on tour in Europe finally has its moment. Originally made as a promotional film for the artist, whose record sales were meager at the time, Bird on a Wire was produced and edited by Tony Palmer, then famed for his seminal 1968 documentary All My Loving, an eye-opening dissection of rock n' roll that featured, among others, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Donovan. In Bird on a Wire, Palmer neatly captured the tour itself––threadbare, fraught with technical difficulties and emotional upheavals––but on first viewing, Cohen balked at the bare bones honesty of the film and demanded a complete re-edit from another source. The result was so disastrous that the film opened and closed on the same day, was

Joan Armatrading

Joan Armatrading (1950, St. Kitts) nasce in una piccola isoal dei caraibi, terza di sei figli. La famiglia si sposta a Mirmingham nel 1958 e lì Joan inizia a interessarsi di musica. Scrive la prima canzone a quattordici anni, When I Was Young, poi intraprende la strada del professionismo in coppia con l'autrice di testi Pam Nestor. Discografia e Wikipedia

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Bob Dylan

Chiudi gli occhi chiudi la porta Non devi più preoccuparti Staremo insieme stanotte Spegni la luce abbassa la tenda Non dei avere paura Staremo insieme stanotte Quel tordo beffardo volerà via E noi lo dimenticheremo Quella grossa grassa luna brillerà come un cucchiaio Ma noi la lasceremo Non te ne pentirai Togliti le scarpe non temere Porta quella bottiglia qui vicino Staremo insieme stanotte

Sonic Youth - Omonimo


Joi Division - Closer


Louis Armstrong

Cos'è il jazz? Amico, se lo devi chiedere, non lo saprai mai!

Cab Calloway

Cantante (Rochester, New York, 1907- 1994). E' mricordato più che altro come un divertente cantante e direttore d'orchestra degli anni '30/40 che trovò poi la gloria in tutt'altro campo - la commedia musicale - in anni successivi. Cresciuto a Baltimora, dove di tanto in tanto cantava con complessini liceali. Discografia e Wikipedia

José González: In Private

A New Film Explores The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of the Introspective Musician The dreams, existential questions and in-flight sleeping habits of reclusive Swedish-Argentine singer-songwriter José González are made public in new documentary The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González, which NOWNESS previews today. Directors Mikel Cee Karlsson and Fredrik Egerstrand interspersed child-like animations with three years of edited footage of the indie folk musician at home, in the studio and on tour throughout the world, to unravel the creative process behind his 2007 sophomore album In Our Nature. “Being fond of someone’s music isn’t enough for me to make a film about that person,” says Karlsson, who got to know González while directing his music video "Killing for Love." "José tries to make sense of his own environment and existence; He’s always asking questions and that’s what got me interested.” To inhabit his perspective, the directors armed the musician

Aphrodite's Child

Il greco Evanghelo O. Papathanassiou (1943, GRE), in precedenza nei Forminx, nel 1967 forma un trio ad Atene assieme a Lucas Sideras (1944, GRE) e Demis Roussos (1946, EGI) al quale si unisce anche Anargyros Koulouris. Decisi a recarsi a Londra, restano però bloccati a Parigi a causa dei moti del maggio 1968: lì nascno gli Aphrodite's Child. La loro prima incisione è I Want To Live, modernizzazione del classico francese Plaisir D'Amour, ma è la seconda, Rain And Tears, arrangiata da Papathanassiou che regala loro il successo internazionale. Discografia e Wikipedia

R.E.M.: Discoverer

Michael Stipe and His Sister Lynda On Their Cinematic Collaboration For Collapse Into Now Directed by Michael Stipe and his sister Lynda, today's premiere of the music video for R.E.M.’s "Discoverer" accompanies the first track off the group's 15th studio album, Collapse Into Now. Alongside the record, which has been hailed as their best in a decade, the band’s cerebral frontman commissioned a film for each of the 12 tracks from the likes of James Franco, Sam Taylor-Wood, Sophie Calle, and Albert Maysles. Stipe opted to direct "Discoverer" himself, citing a personal attachment to the tune, which posits New York as his muse. "It's autobiographic," he says. "I rarely insert myself this directly into a song." Lynda's inventive use of the computer program AutoCAD (a tool for architectural layouts) for projections during live performances with her experimental band, Flash to Bang Time, served as a jumping off point. "It

Never Had No One Ever - The Smiths

Mai e poi mai ho avuto qualcuno Quando cammini senza sentirti a tuo agio Proprio su queste strade dove sei nato Ho fatto un sogno veramente brutto E' durato vent'anni, sette mesi, e ventisette giorni Mai e poi mai ho avuto qualcuno

Ornette Coleman


Robert Johnson: Devilish Detail

Illustrator Christopher Darling Brings the Myth of the Legendary Blues Musician to Life Today's premiere commemorates the 100th birthday of late bluesman Robert Johnson. The film, which features illustrations from Brooklyn artist Christopher Darling, centers on the urban myth of the singer-guitarist selling his soul to the devil, a tale fueled by his itinerant lifestyle, otherworldly talent and renowned prowess as a ladies' man. In celebration of the May 8 anniversary, Sony has released a new box set of Johnson's late 1930s recordings, The Complete Original Masters: Centennial Edition, which includes a double-disc CD, a DVD of the 1997 documentary The Life and Music of Robert Johnson: Can't You Hear the Wind Howl? and 12 vinyl reproductions of his original records. Johnson died tragically young at the age of 27, allegedly poisoned by a jealous lover. He was famous for his unusually long fingers, with which he nimbly performed complex compositions. "Bryan Jone

Phil Ochs

Se esiste in America una speranza di rivoluzione, consiste nel riuscire a trasformare Elvis Presley in Che Guevara.

Gary Burton

Vibrafonista, pianista (Anderson, Indiana, 1943). Ha sviluppato sul vibrafono, suo strumento principe, una tecnica nuova e spettacolare, basata sull'impiego di bacchette multiple. Nel 1964-66 lavorò per qualche tempo con Stan Getz, poi lanciò un suo gruppo comprendente il chitarrista Larry Coryell. Discografia e Wikipedia


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