50 fatti interessanti su Pink Floyd #5/10

21. Nick Mason is certainly the silent but violent one in Pink Floyd; ie. he hits things for a living and doesn’t open his mouth much. Despite the drummer being the only band member to play on everything the group have ever made, he only ever contributed one vocal - on ‘One of These Days’ from 1971’s ‘Meddle’ - and it was just one line, slowed down to scare the pants off the listener.

22. Hipgnosis, the team behind most of Pink Floyd’s album covers, actually presented the band with the inverted swimmer that would eventually become the cover of Def Leppard’s iconic ‘High ‘n’ Dry’ album, for ‘Atom Heart Mother’. The band rejected it and opted for the cow instead.

23. Recorded in 1973, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ stayed on the Billboard Chart (top 200) for more than 800 weeks straight, a record that will take some beating.

24. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ was the best selling album in the world for a while (it is still third best seller ever), shifting so many units that one in 12 people is said to own a copy.

25. Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ - the bellwether of concept albums - has sold around 33 million albums to date, someway behind Dark Side of the Moon’s 50 million, but no slouch nonetheless.



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